Meet the Owner

Welcome to Fierce Spirit Yoga, a sanctuary that was created out of wholistic energy and intended to show that yoga practice is for anyone ready to begin the journey and discover their fierce spirit within.

I started my own personal discovery of yoga in 2003 through meditation and a basic flow practice. I later acted as a a “karmi” or work study student at a studio in my hometown of Branford, Connecticut. Since then I have explored various types of yoga and continue to discover new movements and depths as a forever student of the spiritual practice.

I am trained under the guidance of the respected Ravi Singh specializing in the kundalini yoga style. Here, I learned about the balance of fierce energy and stillness; of grounding and exploration. It is a beautiful dance allowing all energies and layers of the human spirit and mind to meet and connect to form the uniqueness within all of us. My teachings include kundalini, moderate flow, and gentle yoga styles. It is my passion to discover what energy is needed for my students and deliver a spiritually and physically awakening experience.


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