Commonly Asked Questions

Can I do yoga if I can’t reach my toes?

Of course! Flexibility in the body is the number one concern I hear as a yoga teacher. The truth is, you have to start somewhere. Ever hear the phrase, ” a body in motion stays in motion”? Well, the same goes for a body at rest! Physical movement and mental clarity can change lives and even though you may not be able to touch your toes today- with a little practice you can move past those physical barriers towards a more flexible body. Start with a gentle yoga class or even a chair yoga class and discover your potential.

Can I afford a private yoga session?

Yoga has become a very popular activity and can become an expensive part of your life. All private sessions are on scale based pricing and I am happy to work with you and make sure that funding is not a barrier to you starting a practice today and begin the journey to spiritual and physical balance. If you don’t feel comfortable with a scale based pricing option-then stop by any Monday or Wednesday morning at Raven’s Wing Yoga in Branford.

What if I am not spiritual?

Yoga includes a spiritual component but remember that working the physical, mental, and emotional body is also part of the practice. The great thing about yoga is you can choose from a variety of styles and it is an individual’s experience. As soon as you get on your mat it can be anything your want or need in that moment. If you are striving for a more physical experience push yourself into a vigorous practice and if you are looking to explore a spiritual side of yourself dive into a meditative practice. It is your time to explore without limitations.