Yoga Events

Yoga is a great way to bring people together and connect on a deeper level. We offer a variety of yoga styles and packages so you can incorporate a specifically tailored practice into your next event! Whether it be a work retreat, birthday party, or bridal shower; Fierce Spirit Yoga helps bring mindfulness and positive energy to any event !

Learn more about our popular events:

Bachelorette Parties

If you want a unique experience to celebrate with your girls, get a great workout, and experience deep connections before the big day then throw a yoga bachelorette party! Practice with your closest ladies and ask about our special post yoga party celebrations with tea, wine, or healing circles. Let me help to create a fun and unique experience that you and your bachelorettes will always remember.

Say Om Before I Do

Start your day not only on the right foot but the right breath by including yoga into your special moment. Your wedding day is a time filled with love and laughter but can also come with a pinch of stress and chaos. When you say Om before I do you can incorporate a sense of tranquility, set intentions within yourself, and appreciate this special moment before you walk down the aisle. By clearing the mind and taking the time for yourself first-you can fully experience every blissful moment of that special day.

Work Retreats

Meditation and yoga has been proven to improve clarity, stress, and allow the mind and body to open. What better way to get the most out of those important work retreats than starting the day with yoga and/or meditation to create a super productive and enjoyable retreat! Remember, new ideas and progress can only come by letting go and taking a breath. I am here to help develop a practice to bring any form of energy or physical movement to your work retreat so you can get your mind and body right before tackling all of your work goals.

Birthday Parties

Another birthday, another opportunity to learn more about yourself and grow! Take the time to acknowledge the special day of your birth and breathe in another year of you and another opportunity to fulfill your own unique mission.  I am here to create a class unique to you while you celebrate with loved ones. And since it is such a special day- all events are specially catered to your specific day using astrological and personal information to ensure you get the most out of your practice.

Community gatherings

There is no better way to bring people together than yoga. Well, maybe food but after that….definitely yoga! It is a great way to connect with one another through energy and breath. If you are having an event that brings communities and people together then consider having a yoga element! Modifications and various styles are available for any yogi level. Please contact me for any benefit or fundraising partnerships.

Additional gathering Options

If you would like to discuss your yoga gathering idea then please contact me here and let’s start the discussion!

Fierce Spirit Yoga is located in Branford, CT but travel is flexible! I am happy to come to you and offer a fierce yoga experience. Connect with me to discuss options.