Need a personal touch?

How about a post zen favors for your friends, tea after a deep meditation practice, or a women’s healing circle to end a blissful practice? Whatever it is- Fierce Spirit Yoga has got you covered.

zen Favors

At the end of a blissful event keep the love and energy going by sending your friends home with their own zen favors. All Zen favors come with a mantra card, chocolate (of course) and 3 of the following items with additional items being available with a small additional cost. If you have your own thoughts for a zen flavor please let me know!

  • Smudge Stick
  • Essential Oil
  • Crystal/Stone
  • Bath Salts
  • Candle
  • Tea Compilation
tea service

If you want to keep the experience going then consider having a tea service after your yoga practice. Once your flow is done-stay seated and relax with eyes closed. Enjoy a hot cup of local and powerful tea blends to warm the body as I guide you through a meditation to deepen the practice. Replenish and feed your body with these local and powerful teas as you continue to calm the mind.

WOMEN healing circle (where men are welcome to bring their feminine energy)

After yoga and meditation our minds and bodies are open and willing to share. Consider continuing the connection with those around you as you share in a women’s circle. Such gatherings have been done for hundreds of years through hundreds of cultures. It is a sacred space where women can come together to be heard, seen, and empowered. Use your voice after you quiet the mind and body. Explore and feel safe as your express yourself in a women’s circle. You would be surprised the power and voice that you bring to the space.