Kundalini Yoga Every Sunday at Raven’s Wing Yoga in Branford!

Join me every Sunday morning at 8:30 at the beautiful Raven’s Wing Studio located in downtown Branford!

Kundalini is an amazing practice that combines a physical workout, meditation, and breathwork to ignite the energy within. It is a traditional and ancient practice that allows individuals to utilize the fire that lays dormant within our bodies while calming the mind.

In class, I provide several modifications and support to yogis that may be new the the kundalini practice and also guide those familiar with the practice to explore new areas of growth both physically and mentally. I promise you will leave each class with intense energy, focus, and openness to start your day (and week) with intention.

This class is like nothing you have ever experienced and a great next step for those looking to deepen their connection within and to become the greatest version of themselves.

Learn more at: Ravens Wing Yoga

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